Funky house was an incredible genre of music at a time when clubbers looked for an alternative to rave, hard house and pop. Each generation has its own sound, but I would argue and so would many others, that funky house was by far the friendliest vibe, with the most uplifting tracks. Manchester has always led the way with music from the Hacienda to several iconic underground house venues. It was disco on acid but in a cool way. Funky house was not only about dancing, singing, and hugging lots of strangers that soon became great friends, it became a way of life. Funky house took the rave scene to the next level and into the commercial clubs which allowed many more people to experience house music. You could go to a funky house club alone, not know anybody but by the time the peak time tunes dropped you were surrounded by hundreds of friends. Funky house was good for your mind, body, and soul.


Ten years of total bliss and incredible music which will never be beaten. This event is dedicated to all on the Manchester funky house clubbing scene which emerged in the late 90s and went through to 2010. Sadly those days have passed. Those venues and nights are not around anymore, but the people still are.

Manchester Made Me Funky is doing something remarkable, we are leading the way in a whole new era in Manchester’s music scene which you can be part of. As you all witnessed at the first event on November 20th 2021, old faces mixed with a whole new audience of younger clubbers that made the perfect blend and are carrying this wonderful scene from here. The next generation can now enjoy this scene as much as we did. 

The Manchester made me funky experience will leave you spellbound. Join us for the journey!